Unlimited condition videos for only $40.00 per calendar year.

Communication. Quality Control. Two of the most important aspects of running a high level hull service. Green Clean divers are paid to record video of work they do. These videos are professionally processed and uploaded to a personal video log where customers view the condition of their boats and review reported issues. Video brings home the fact that there is more than bottom paint under your boat. See for yourself how much growth occurs between service calls. See for yourself the state of zinc anodes and why they were replaced. See for yourself what was causing the vibration when the prop was fouled or damaged. Only Green Clean Dive Service brings you under the boat in a way that provides you the opportunity to view under your boat through your divers eyes.

We upload 2 – 3 videos per year, often when changing anodes, anytime we have something to report and upon request without limit to the number of videos.

Marine Life Videos

Grey Smooth Hound Sharks, Spotted Rays, Bat Rays Rock Lobster, Jelly Fish, Moray Eel and more!

Personal Video Logs

To view your personal video log simply add "/yourboatname" to the URL in you browser.
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Corrosion Videos

Marine corrosion comes in different forms. The effects are an expensive reality Green Clean Dive Service takes very seriously in preventing. View corrosion videos and learn about what we do to prevent and resolve corrosion related issues: Corrosion Video Series

Anti Fouling Bottom Paint

Regulations concerning active ingredients are changing. The best anti fouling from a year ago may not be the best bottom paint today. One expert advises soft paint while another advises hard paint. 20 years and counting I've been the one actually touching the different bottom paints, removing the growth, seeing how they hold up over time. See what I have to say about this topic HERE.