Smoothhound Sharks and Rays

Grey Smooth-hound sharks are a family of Houndsharks, distinguished by possessing two large spineless dorsal fins, an anal fin, and oval eyes with nictitating eyelids. They are small to medium in size, ranging from 37 to 220 cm (1.21 to 7.22 ft) in adult length. They are found throughout the world in warm and temperate waters, where they feed on fish and invertebrates on the seabed and in midwater.

In Channel Islands Harbor they can be seen swimming along rock lines in the summer months. They are harmless to people so don't be scared! Kayaks and paddle boards as well as walking along the water are your best chance to see them from above. As a hull service diver I don't see them often while working as they will shy away from the sound of my air bubbles. To get the footage from the first video in the playlist I entered the water from the rocks just enough to follow them with my camera (08, 2015). In the second video from 2012 I entered the water with a snorkel while a person on a paddle board acted as a spotter for me. Size of the sharks in both videos are about 3 feet in length.